Jan Ševčík - Photogallery
Welcome to my website I am specialised in particular in wildlife photography of animals as well as in landscape photography. Nevertheless, pictures of plants, underwater and aerial photos and pictures of people from various countries of the world are also present in my archives. If you are looking for a picture from a particular region or for a specific plant or animal species, please feel free to contact me. My pictures represent mostly animals living in the wild in their natural habitats. Exceptional cases where some pictures of animals were taken in captivity are indicated.
About the author

RNDr. Jan Ševčík
born 29.5.1950
In 197? graduates on Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of zoology.
Contact: sevcikphoto@seznam.cz

Equipment used

Nikon D300, Nikon D500 with Nikkor 18-70, 35, 105, 200 Mikro, 300 and 500 mm.
Convertor Nikon AF-S TC-20EIII.
Flash Nikon SB 800.
Underwater photos: Canon Power Shot G9 in waterproof case WP-DC21.

Price list

Inundation area of Luznice river.
Inundation area of Luznice river.

Approximate price
Size A5 (14 x 21 cm, 5,5 x 8,5 in) 500 - 1500,- 20 - 50,-
Size A4 (21 x 30 cm, 8,5 x 12 in) 1000 - 3000,- 50 - 150,-
Large prints from 3000,- from 100,-
For use on your web pages (with copyright) 300,- 10,-